Viešoji įstaiga Seredžiaus ambulatorija

Adresas: S. Šimkaus g. 5A, Seredžius, LT-74425 Jurbarko r.
El. paštas: seredziausambulatorija@gmail.com
Telefonas / faksas: (8 447) 42 318

Public institution Seredžius ambulatory care centre was founded on August 1st in 2001, after the reorganization of Jurbarkas district primary healthcare centre. The ambulatory care centre is a public personal health care non-profit seeking institution established by Lithuania’s national health system’s Jurbarkas district municipality and providing primary level healthcare services for individuals.

The main purpose of the institution – satisfaction of patients’ healthcare interests, morbidity and mortality rate reduction, high quality provision of an individual’s health care services. To expand cooperation with the patients: to invite registered individuals, individuals insured by mandatory health insurance, and individuals belonging to social risk group to preventative examinations.

The main tasks of the institution are people’s healthcare activity:

  • to provide non-specialized and qualified primary individual’s health care services;
  • to provide emergency medical treatment.

The main branches of the institution’s activity: to organize and to provide individual’s health care services, which provision is approved by an individual’s health care licensing.  Public institution Seredžius ambulatory care centre is providing services according these Lithuanian medicine norms:

  • family doctor;
  • community nurse;
  • general nurse // nurse responsible for general care;
  • obstetrician-gynaecologist;

The institution, while performing its formulated tasks and reaching its goals, is engaged in these types of economic/business activity not prohibited by the laws (types of activity, according to the Statistics Department near the Government of the Republic of Lithuania approved by the Economic activity classification):

  1. free ambulatory care provision for persons insured by mandatory health insurance, who have chosen this institution statutory, and who apply to the institution and according to calls to patients’ homes or nursing at home, provision of emergency medical treatment;
  2. other people’s healthcare activity;
  3. family doctor practice;
  4. odontology practice;
  5. free provision of an individual’s health care;
  6. paid provision of an individual’s ambulatory healthcare
    • when these services are included in the assortment of paid ambulatory health care services list set by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania;
    • when services are provided for individuals, who applied to the institution on their own initiative and territorial sickness insurance fund does not pay for their health care;
  7. free emergency medical treatment provision for all residents of Lithuania;
  8. in the contract made by the territorial sickness insurance fund, in unforeseen cases, the institution is guided by the Law on Health Insurance of the Republic of Lithuania, Law on Health Care Institutions and other special laws, Government resolutions and other legislations;
  9. other activity, that are not prohibited by laws, which could improve personnel and patient’s work and rest conditions, conferences, seminars, organization of improvement courses etc.;
  10. public healthcare programmes, health development, health education and care purposes according to the agreements with this activity and services sponsors execution.

If the activity, foreseen in the status of the institution, requires a license (an authorization) then this kind of a license (an authorization) has to be owned by the institution.

The structure of the institution:

  • primary ambulatory individual’s healthcare medicine – family medicine;
  • nursing care: general nursing, community nursing;
  • obstetrician – obstetrician practice;
  • ambulatory odontology care services;
  • Klausučiai medical station.